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Musings - Awe-inspired thought

April 2, 2015 by Fidem Turbāre

Additional perspective:

The results of the natural evolution of life is amazing and at times as awe-inspiring as the universe with its countless galaxies (which seem to be far in excess of billions).

Attempting to satisfy our curiosity - instead of arbitrarily assuming that some default position of a divine creator, etc. - is one of humankind's greatest defenses against "falling behind as life progresses and evolves," for it seems that evolution is an unstoppable byproduct of reality.

Understanding the foundations of reality and how its various parts function ultimately tends to lead to further opportunity for intentional progress through ingenuity in problem solving and inventiveness.

When I regard the universe from a scientific standpoint as a whole system wherein everything from the micro to the macro simultaneously works both in concert and independently in so many different ways, I truly feel awe-inspired not only by the greatness and vast variation proffered by the universe but also for the privilege of being a part of it in a manner and during a time in which certain key inventions have made it possible to observe galaxies, etc., from afar.

Life and the universe are both grand and mysterious.  Take any of it for granted, and you increase your risk of missing everything.  Enjoy being inspired to follow your sense of wonder by embracing doubt and trying to satisfy curiosity, and you can become more intellectually fulfilled whilst increasing your chances of acquiring a greater understanding.

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