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Philosophy - A deathbed confession for atheists

April 9, 2013

Sometimes charlatans create fictional claims about the deathbed confessions of famous people, directed particularly against atheists who happen to be scientists, outspoken advocates for freedom, insightful philosophers, logical skeptics, etc., and these fallacies often include the confession of "belief in one or more deities."  In the absence of any such confession, it can sometimes be challenging to defend against these fallacious claims, and so to remedy this for yourself the following "deathbed confession" can serve as a practical and non-anti-theistic alternative:

  • "Here now upon my deathbed, and in the context of theism, I genuinely confess my absence of belief in deities and supernatural agents, including the non-existent atheist goddess, Fidem Turbāre, for she does not even offer me solace as I cope with the inevitable 'serenity of nothingness' that will most profoundly complete my life experience.  Do not grant me your pity, for although life isn't fair it is worthwhile, and so the conflict promised by death also begets the resolution capable of liberating me from the conscientious burdens of desire and necessity.  From the remainder of all eternity, I am, in every respect, free."

You could include that statement in your final will (with a condition for it to be presented in its entirety to all observers and beneficiaries), and also keep a paper copy in your pocket, both as a means to preventively protect yourself against those who intend to misrepresent the memory of who you were, and to help those who would defend your character against such delusions in your absence.

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