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 My mailing address
Fidem Turbāre
26208 - 8000 No. 3 Road
Richmond, BC, Canada
V6Y 2E0
If you mail a postcard to me that features a place that is meaningful or interesting to you (or that includes a message stating that you don't believe in me), I'd be thrilled to see it, and I'll gladly have it scanned and posted here for public view (with your address removed to maintain your privacy).  Please send your postcard to my mailing address (displayed on the right-hand side).


Postcard archive

Transcripts of the cards are entered below each scanned image for the benefit of those who are blind, or have difficulty reading the scanned postcard.  (As more postcards are received, the format of this archive will also improve accordingly, but for now all postcards are presented together.)


Third postcard

In October 2014, my third postcard arrived from the United States of America, in the State of Georgia.  The picture of the beach in Jamaica is lovely, and the beautifully hand-written note is greatly appreciated.

Postcard 00003

Greetings to you, Fidem!

First of all, I intended on sending this card when I was in Jamaica, however I was unable to, alas!

Nonetheless, I wanted to thank you for being 'outspoken' on Google+ and the uploading of your blog thing viz. www.fidemturbare.com.

Zuora is interesting, by the way, I have recently started using it.  Your 'writing' style, philosophy, what you stand for are all awe worthy, in my opinion.  In other words, you are awesome!  As a nerd (i.d., lover of philosophy, literature, and a fellow F.F.F. fan) you are someone that I love, etcetera - blah blah.

- Long Live Fidem!  Long Live Nietzche!

          - Ōctavius


Second postcard

In April 2014, my second postcard arrived from the United States of America, in the State of Washington.  Thank you goes to Bigfoot, for it was naturally refreshing.

Postcard 00002

"What can be asserted without evidence can also be dismissed without evidence."    - Hitch

Dear Fidem Turbāre,
    Though I support what you represent, I simply cannot bring myself to believe you exist.



First postcard

Near the end of May 2013, my first postcard arrived from Germany.  Thank you so very much, it was delightful.

Postcard 00001

Front side of card (German language), appears to have a post date of May 23, 2013
9 von 10 Stimmen
in meinem Kopf sagen:  Ich bin irre!
Eine summt!

Back side of card (English language)
"Nine out of ten voices in my head say:  I'm insane!  One says:  hummm."
Dear Fidem Turbare,
if god does not exist for you,
does it mean that you don't need it
or that we all are god?"
Will you forgive me if I don't say
"I don't believe in you"?
It is in inconsistency writing this
postcard ♡


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